Posted by: Worldcitizen Willow | June 3, 2010

Our film is off to a good start!

We’ve had meetings now with 2 film students from Manila – Ace Castillo and Dan.  They are nearing the end of their program in film school here and just need to complete their final thesis.  They are both very excited with working with documentaries and experimenting with light in film.  They are also willing to come with us to Mindoro and sleep on the floor for a week!  Real troopers!

We also met on Sunday in Nasugbu near Batangas with 3 young gentlemen from Manila’s TV CHannel 5 (Joey Viray and Joseph Bolintiam and 1).  We discussed the benefits of having 2 cameras to cover different angles and have better sound for the interviews.  They recommend we get someone who is an “all in one” person who can direct, do videography, sound, and do the writing as well.  THey recommended Steven Flor, however, it turns out he is in New York at the moment and cannot be involved.  Next idea is Franco Alido, who has been involved with production in Channel 5 and has worked on a couple of short films , including one that won at the Toronto film festival!  We will collaborate together on all aspects of the filming and he will be able to mentor Jocelyn and I as well as a student or two.  He will be a popular man!  Joey offered his help and editing equipment as well.  We went over the ideas for the story, and Franco will be able to help with film permissions and waivers for people to sign.  We ended our meeting with a late dinner at Max’s Restaurant in Manila – lots of chicken and rice.

From the Canadian end – my friend Norine Braun ( will help us with original music for the film and Reem Morsi will help with editing.

We’re off to Mindoro this weekend to start shooting!



  1. I am so proud of you two. I remember the night you and Joselyn discussing this over dinner. I was enjoying such enthusiastic conversation! Will keep on following your journey to a fantastic experience 🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind words V! Your words are an inspiration to us also. THis whole process is so exciting! And we are giving a chance for some young Filipino filmmakers to get experience and international exposure as well.

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