Posted by: Worldcitizen Willow | May 14, 2010

Street kids of the Phils…

Comments | 2,452 notes Street Children of the Philippines. “This young boy was protecting his little brother (or i can’t tell) by shielding him using his body. And this little baby brother was so comfortably sleeping on his thighs. The boy was so tired. And he dozed off. But if you move near him, he would be so alert and straight away shielding his brother with his shirt and cover his own face with his hand. He has such shame in him and perhaps he did not want his little brother to be exposed to the same guilt and shame. I feel so sad for him. He is my hero who sacrificed for his brother. Anyway, I walked towards him and gave him a pat on the shoulder and stroke his dirty hair. It was a gesture of telling him I care and I appreciated his care for his brother.”


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