Posted by: Worldcitizen Willow | May 12, 2010

Finding the right camera…

This turns out to be far more of an endeavour than i had previously imagined!  I’ve been to Best Buy and London Drugs looking at their inventory, but so far, no exact match.  We need an external mic input and the only ones that have that seem to be the most expensive of the lot!  Calls yesterday to Long & McQuade, Commercial Electronics, and Tom Lee resulted in some friendly chats with some helpful and engaging staff people, but still no final match… To tape, or not to tape…I want to use a camera with built in hard drive as I don’t want to carry dozens of tapes around the Phils with me.  However, Mike at Commercial Electronics assures me that tape is the better option!   Aaargh…..

Apparently, says Jennifer at Best Buy, we need external lighting as well.  Another $1000 or so for boomstand, flashes, lights, soft boxes and battery packs!  How cheap can we get the smallest light kit for?!?

And microphones are no easier – apparently you can choose from at least 3 basic types – lapel, handheld, and Aiming video mike which would be mounted on the hot shoe on the top of the camera.  Go Rode Video! says Jonathan at Long & McQuade.  Of course, there’s always wired or wireless to choose from as well.  Apparently Blue Ray technology has a tendency to break up at times.. Oh nooooo!  We must have good sound!


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